Tuesday, November 3, 2009


philip & ken were the fingerpickers in our little guitar circle. hell, i remember being ecstatic figuring out the basic pick of kristofferson's "loving her was easier." we didn't listen to much of the british folk movement in philip's cave but, as ken & i discussed just recently, that's where paul simon learned most of his chops & simon was a big deal for most of us back then. oddly, we just didn't feel like tracing his roots like we did dylan. ken WAS listening to pentangle & fairport convention & the like back then & that's why he can fingerpick & i just skate by. like i used to say back in the day(probably lifted from jack pyle), "it's just folk music & i'll probably folk it up anyway..."

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Blue Train said...

Bert is definitely an A-lister. The chemistry he shared with John Renbourn was truly remarkable - note that the bass player for that group (Pentangle) was none other than Danny Thomnpson.

It from Jansch that Simon got his arrangement on Davy Graham's "Angie" (or "Anji" as it is spelled sometimes) although I don't think that it aroused scorn as his lifting of "Scarborough Fair" from Martin Carthy did.

"Black Waterside" is of course one of Jansch's most famous arrangements and a great choice.