Tuesday, October 13, 2009


of course, philip was the die-hard simon fan. i was listening to simon & garfunkel before i met philip but philip made simon worship at tangible thing. i remember once when he & mike johnson had picked up some college girls out on p'beach & things were going well until johnson heard one of the girls say, "well...seals & croft are MY generation's simon & garfunkel." mike told me he knew immediately he'd be going home w/no pussy THAT night. forget the fact that five years doesn't constitute a generation, the girl was lucky to have survived the night after this absurd assertion.

unlike many of his contemporaries, simon had a mid-career renaissance. unfortunately, this fed into his gargantuan ego &, after his broadway show tanked, he became a bitter little troll, impossibly out of synch w/his initial musical gift(& it was NEVER genius)& predictably out of step w/the current musical scene. seeing him seethe & complain & disparage everyone on the sundance channel's iconoclast series while lorne michaels tries to suck up to him was simply disgusting & embarrassing.

still, he was damned good in his day. he wrote way more than a few great pop songs & he could sing too. i remember philip doing this song from simon's second solo album sitting in various motel stair-wells. philip felt this was the best place to hear himself sing. it must of worked because that boy could surely sing simon songs.

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