Monday, February 8, 2010


i had thought that if the saints could get to peyton manning & beat him up like they
did to favre, they'd win. i had thought that if the saints had to rely on their kicking game, they'd lose. i had thought that if the colts mounted ANY kind of running game, they'd win. i had thought that if the saints had to rely solely on drew brees & the passing game, they'd lose.

what the hell do i know?

the saints didn't pummel manning but they did get close enough to him to throw off his deadly precise passing. the saints didn't need their kicking game. the colts actually did muster a decent rushing game(in the first half). the saints ended up relying on the second most efficient passing game in super bowl history, courtesy of mr drew brees.

regardless of all this, i was pulling for the saints. i have nothing against the colts & i believe that manning is a great quarterback & seems like a decent likable guy. i didn't work myself into an anti-colt lather. the history of futility that is/was the saints didn't really speak to me either. that history is nothing compared to, say, what cubs fans experience every year or what the detroit lion's fans are currently experiencing.

no, to me, it was all about the city of new orleans & what had to be an electrifying week or so down there in the big easy. the win doesn't really help re-build the ninth ward or make the levees unbreachable or bring back the still nearly 200,000 folks who fled the city after katrina. & while the win may hold more promise(for the football future)than the election of mr landrieu as the new mayor of the city, the two moments will be forever linked & mr landrieu should take advantage of that fact & forge the future of the city out of it.

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