Wednesday, January 28, 2009

dig yourself

this guy made me uncomfortable during the tribute to leonard cohen. in the interview, he had some good things to say but his performance simply sucked. there seemed to be a disconnect between the guy who articulated his feeling about cohen's work & the guy who performed that work. as beautiful as "suzanne" is, it can be a grind to listen to & cave's version reduces it to dirge & nothing more. & the spastic body tics makes it look like he knows what's happening & either wants off the stage or for the band to kick into a heavy metal thrash version. all in all, it's pretty awful.

but this video redeemed the guy for me. i got over the lou reed thing pretty quick & just enjoyed the whole experience: the song, the video, & his performance. maybe i'm getting soft in my old age but i don't hold anyone's debts against them. cave owes a lot but i think the video pays off.


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