Friday, January 30, 2009


this is from chuck todd's website:

"The GOP averted a P.R. disaster after the race came down to Steele and Dawson. It was a pretty obvious choice: Pick the African American or the guy who had to quit an all-white country club. Had Dawson not had that negative mark on his resume, he would have won because he was a party insider. "

the gop is reeling around w/o any true leader in sight which is a good & a bad thing. w/o a true leader(like reagan), the gop spasmotically attacks any & all democratic initiatives(re: yesterday's vote on the stimulus package). this can actually be more problematic for the obama agenda than having someone specifically to work against. i mean, the whore-monger david vinter is leading the charge here. it's not so much these guys' hypocrisy as it is them being wrenches in the wheels of a necessary economic recovery. they actually have platforms to address constituents. if you've sat in a bar lately, you know that "constituents" aren't really on the ball. they listen to rush, to o'reilly, to david vinter. you think it was smooth sailing for fdr in the first hundred days? go back & check, HOOVER wasn't as bad as some of these fools. we just don't remember the guys who stood in the way as american heroes. in fact, we don't remember them at all.

the good thing about all this is that it's clear that not one of these guys from the gop have ANY idea why they're on the outside looking in(& neither do rush or o'reilly). amazing. picking a token black man isn't going to help these guys wise up. moving to the right isn't going to help either. don't worry when they do. pray for palin & just hope they don't have the chops to stall what has to be done.

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