Monday, December 7, 2009


bobo fought in the pacific war. he was on a battleship. you'd have never known it to be around him but i can attest to the fact that he woke up screaming till the day he died. he didn't sound like such a good time charlie on those special nightmarish nights.

this is a picture from that sunday morning way back in 1941 & those are the full armada of battleships the u.s. had in the pacific at the time. if you look closely enough, you can see they're being demolished by the japanese air attack. two of those ships never sailed again after the attack & most were damaged so heavily it took months to repair them. by then, the japanese had had their way in the pacific & the u.s. didn't regain the upper hand again until the battle of midway nearly a year later. even then, so much of the subsequent horrific combat occured because of the damage inflicted on the american fleet the morning of december 7 1941.

i think it's a good thing on days like this to remember & reflect on where we were in the world then & where we are now. still, i always come back to those frightening screams i heard through my walls so many times. the effects of war last more than one lifetime & they should also be reckoned into the equation whenever we think about pursuing it as a course of action.

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