Monday, December 28, 2009

elvis costello's spectacle

at this point, i don't think anyone who loves pop music should be missing this show. in fact, i think you should go back & check out last season's offerings as well as gearing up for the new season's line-up. the show is on sundance every wednesday night but they repeat it several times during the week.

i already wrote about the jaw-dropping moment that costello & lou reed shared last season. so far, they've already had several more & i'm not even talking about the incredible interviews, especially the one w/bono & edge. musically, they're just doing things almost perfectly. if i had to change anything about the show, it would be leaving "popular" deadweight off the shows like sheryl crow & nora jones AND i wouldn't press the guests to do their most popular songs(eg, winchester doing "brand new tennessee waltz).

otherwise, it seems like each show has some stunning nugget on it. for example, i'm amazed costello says he didn't really care for this song until ron sexsmith "rescued" it for him. i've always like this one & i really like this acoustic slowed down version.

enjoy. & tune in.

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