Friday, February 6, 2009


i want to be real clear about this sack of shit, ok? bonds is NOT on trial for using steroids(it's very clear he did)& he's NOT on trial for lying in general(these guys do that all the time & so do YOU). he's on trial for lying to a grand jury while UNDER OATH.
if any of the dazzled sycophants are ever in the position of giving testimony to a grand jury, i wonder if they'd lie. lie outright. w/o hesitation.
& then i wonder if they'd expect ANYONE to come to their defense.

bonds is a criminal liar. he's also by happenstance a cheat.
so is clemons. so is mcgwire. clemons lied to congress. so did big mac.
they deserve nothing from anyone but scorn.

you can't fudge the argument & point to earlier accomplishments. it does not matter. period.

addendum 2/7: ditto a-rod. this prima donna & choker supremo has always been a loser. the ny fans sensed it right out of the gate. scorn is what he got & lots of it.

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