Friday, February 13, 2009

i'm easy

ok. i've got to be right up front here w/my bias: it's completely within the realm of possibility that a woman could squat over me & unleash a flow of piss while speaking flawless french & i'd love every second of it. in fact, when i was w/julie g, that's almost(tho not entirely)what went on. why i never had cara(who spoke french fluently) speak french while we had sex is beyond me tho i suspect it had to do w/the level of depravity already existing in the sexual relationship.

all this is to say that this woman could very well be singing the paris phone book but that's not important. it sounds really good. & those cute little beatnik fingersnaps add the perfect je nais se quoi, non? that she's moving onto the world music scene is a happy coincidence.


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