Thursday, February 12, 2009

the right stump

this isn't usually a good time of year for cats, what w/the westminister dog show & all. who can blame them? all this attention...for dogs! the inscrutable cats become inconsolable during these dog days but lately things have taken a turn for the better. in fact, i suspect cats all over are pretty damned pleased. check out the pic. THAT'S best in show? an old washed up spaniel named "stump"? & last year was a beagle!! our cats have been leaping about & playing non-stop since this year's decision was announced. last year's beagle decision was met w/more restraint. they suspected it was a fluke. but "stump" has opened a new era of feline feelings of superiority. hey, who can argue w/them?

"yo spaniel, i got a stump for YOU right here," smirks merce during the post-event celebration.

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