Saturday, March 7, 2009

mildewed memories

i have to say that on & off, michael has put up pics that take anyone from that time & place back to those moments, those odd not so adult moments, of beauty & grace & fantasy. i suppose that would be childhood. i, myself, don't trust those memories but why are they rattlin' round my head?

my parents took me to weeki wachee springs on a wild & memorable trip to south fla when i was just a child. the vision of the mermaids behind that huge glass screen was hypnotic. as the show went on, i remember being utterly entranced seeing these mermaids swimming deep in those crystal clear springs, taking their brief oxygen hits off the gently bubbling hoses, gracefully turning acrobatic moves in that magic space.

years later, i mentioned weeki wachee to jack pyle, our older gospel singing buddy. he told a salacious story about he & hawk(his notorious sidekick)picking up several of the "mermaids" on a trip of theirs back when i was probably 12yo or so. what he & hawk & the weeki wachee "mermaids" did to the inside of that airstream trailer(hawk sold them for a living at the time & they were transporting one from south fla to birmingham ala at the time)is simply not something i can accurately communicate here. suffice it to say, there were complaints by the buyer upon delivery. i will say that THIS was my "santa claus doesn't exist" story. those women seemed inviolate in all the crystal clear water!

if mike had pics of late 60s gulfarium, when i bummed a quarter off him(during the safety boys annual trip...which ultimately undid the sheriff of escambia county, bill davis) when he was king of the city, i'd be amazed.

put up or shut up. & btw, i got some instant pussy for you. this is the real world, mofo

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