Thursday, March 12, 2009

we all shine on like the moon & the stars & the sun

you know there ARE people who deserve gitmo. they're the ones you really want to see punished in the most severe ways but who escape severe punishment because their crimes, while heinous, are somehow vague enough to pass indifferently into the general psyche.

this guy stole millions from elie wiesel, a holocaust survivor whose fund for other survivors was the target of this evil ass-wipe. all of his assets should be confiscated & used to reimburse his victims. & while his remaining $67 million can't equal the $50 billion he swindled, it can't hurt. if the feds find the rest of the cash in off shore accounts, there should be some way to keep him from that too. after that, give him every day of the 150 years he faces, every day, every hour, every minute.

if you think i'm being harsh, just wait till the commissioner of the nfl re-instates the most despicable man on the planet: michael vick. this inhuman cretin should spend the rest of his life in service to dogs. he should never be allowed back into the nfl nor to make one dime doing what allowed him the leisure time to kill, maim, torture dogs. nothing excuses what he did. nothing. & he isn't even close to paying for what he did & had done.

as a buddhist, i believe in karma. i know that what goes around comes around. in another life, michael vick will be a flea on the back of a dog beneath a porch somewhere in appalachia. bernie madoff will be a prostitute in a third world country. this happens because in another prior life, they did something that lead them to having the money & the glory & the fame they had here in this life but then they misused all of it so so badly & in such evil ways. i also know that my wishing them ill just bites me in the ass. i know this. i'll take what comes to me. one of them slaughtered dogs & one stole money from holocaust survivors. i'd just like to see them get what's coming to them in THIS life. i don't have to see what happens to them in the next life or the next. i think i'll have my hands full then myself.

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