Sunday, January 3, 2010


i'm pretty sure lynn persuaded me to read the trilogy. i mean, she got me eating vegetables & that was no mean feat. i suspect that lynn might have gotten me to do most anything. in the grand scheme of things, i imagine that this was nothing compared to what i was trying to get her to do.

i remember assuring her about gandalf's death. i knew no one could kill off a great character like that. his battle w/the balrog & subsequent re-birth clued me into to how good this story was going to be.

this was way back when.

i was convinced that my marvel comics heroes couldn't be brought to the big screen & i was pretty sure you couldn't do this story either. technology marches onward & it won't be long before someone figures out how to do gibson's neuromancer.

primarily, tolkien created an extraordinary thing: a world, many worlds in fact, that remains absolutely believable & totally relevant to our own.

he also knew, deep down, the horrific costs of war. any war. any time.

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