Friday, January 22, 2010


apparently, impatient w/the pace of right wing politicization of the court, those right wing elements presently on it(& one sad old man, who truly believes in the first amendment)moved to simply remove the public from the equation & let the folks who pretty much run the country anyway(vide, health care)have complete control. now THIS is something that should have every pundit frothing. corporation coffers are now unfettered in what they can give to political campaigns. as olberman points out, it shouldn't be just the progressives(christ, he had johnathan turley on his show & he SUPPORTED the damned decision). everyone will end up paying the piper. everyone.

since we're already paying the piper & those payments will be used to buy politicians who will guarantee that we'll pay MORE to the piper & those higher payments will go to buy even more politicians, the cycle set yesterday by the court will be endless & rapacious until there's nothing left.

don't let anyone get away w/claiming this as a first amendment victory. that's simply an attempt at an old sleight of hand trick that even a kid can see through: free speech goes under the peashell, gets shifted around, &, when you pick the shell it should be under, it's long gone. we've been suckered.
here's a link to a petition against the ruling.

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