Tuesday, March 16, 2010


New Roky Erickson & Okkervil River: "Goodbye Sweet Dreams"
"Here's a feelgood story for you: The troubled Texas psych legend and former 13th Floor Elevators frontman Roky Erickson is back. Anyone who's seen the documentary You're Gonna Miss Me knows that this guy has not had an easy life. The image of Erickson, his hair matted and his fingernails long, cranking up several TVs and radios to top volume because the resulting ungodly din was the only way he could fall asleep-- well, he didn't exactly look like someone ready to jump back into a recording studio. So consider his return a happy surprise." posted by TOM BREIHAN for pitchfork

i think i ran across roky erickson's story when i stumbled across another texas lunatic's story, daniel johnston. both have had astonishing & deeply disturbing movies made about their sad lives. while johnston is more a diy music outsider, erickson was, at one point w/the 13th floor elevators, on the cutting edge of rock music in the 60s. drugs, the rockstar life, inherent craziness, all caught up w/both of them but unlike, say, skip spense or syd barrett, both have survived for the most part. based on the strength of this cut by erickson, i'd say he seems to be doing quite well.
i've already posted here about the young band that's helpfully backing erickson, okkervil river. they've put out several strong albums themselves.

you have to scroll down past the picture of roky to get to the mpeg.

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