Monday, March 15, 2010


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mike & i had a discussion last week about various approaches to hash & even the various types of hash that exist. bette's oceanfront diner in berkeley has the best corned beef hash i've ever had in a restaurant. mike says that postrio used to do a brisket hash back when they had their phenomenal sunday brunch. (my mother made a roast beef hash but it was a dinner dish, not for breakfast.) of course, there's the cool sounding "red flannel" hash too. there was some discussion about cubed or shredded potatoes, the danger of too large a cube, etc. i went w/the shred.

after serving ann tripe w/o telling her what she was getting, she's gotten a little suspicious whenever i serve her something that's not automatically recognizable. when she asked what i'd given her, i simply said, "hash." she bravely dove in & finished it pretty quickly. i then told her it was corned beef. she thought she didn't like corned beef but this dish won her over.
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