Wednesday, March 24, 2010


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well, we had our 10 or so days of winter here in the bay area. rain & temps in the 30s, lots of snow up in the sierras but mostly a relatively mild winter. springing forward w/the time change doesn't make me think spring as much as the birds returning to our pool area to build their nests & drive our girls crazy. this weekend ann came into the living room & there on the cat tree was a little sparrow. luckily, the girls were asleep in the bedroom.

our balcony gets lots of sun in the spring & summer too, which results in cat naps out there. hence, this peaceful shot of the two step-sisters blissing out.

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i imagine if i were a cat i'd be out there w/them. however, being human i must do what humans do in the spring & summer. i must grill. yesterday was the first day i broke open the grill this year. in the summer, all that sun blazing through the balcony doors might be nice for the cats but it turns the apartment into a kiln. grilling mitigates this by making the stove unnecessary.
here, a cheap piece of meat(skirt steak) transformed into a thing of delicious beauty by smoke & fire. an even cheaper piece of meat, my toe, was transformed into something too by smoke & fire. i stepped on a small piece of burning coals barefoot. the cats remained profoundly indifferent to my fire walk.

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last year,i really got into grilling pizzas. ann loves them & i just think the whole idea is cool. the first time i heard about grilled pizzas was way back in the early outrigger days. i had bought a cookbook in new orleans i'd read about, cucina simpatica, from an italian restaurant, al forno, in providence rhode island. george germon & johanne killeen were the folks who introduced the idea to america in the 80s.

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