Tuesday, March 2, 2010


this guy is a big deal in l.a. right now. comparisons to cohen have been naively made but he sounds more like matt berninger of the national & the modest accomplishments of the song craft are more akin to that band too w/a little shoegazing thrown in. i'm not knocking it really but i do seem to get a little ornery when 20something hipsters try to make connections w/the great & enduring pop artists of the past to legitimate what they're listening to currently.
i don't remember any of us trying to read sinatra into jagger or even, more accurately, cole porter into lennon/mccartney. there didn't seem to be a need to rationalize why or how the music spoke to us. that's not to say we didn't read bangs & landau & marcus but they weren't trying to legitimate the music so much as promote it & they didn't do that w/facile comparisons.

all that being said, i like this song & i think the video works too.

"We started out, we were much younger
you taught me the fire, and i taught you the hunger
i remember love ,but love don’t remember me
...i’ll wait at the bar rooms, and you’ll wait at the station
and we’ll dream of each other, in our old situation...

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