Monday, August 3, 2009


i remember a grammies show a number of years back. i'm not sure why i was watching it but i remember harry connick jr doing an anemic version of some jazz standard. i don't have anything against connick but i'd have preferred that his great teacher(james booker)had lived & dazzled folks on the grammies show that night instead of what i saw. anyway, i found out that there really is a jazz god, at least one the rights wrongs. somehow, through what must have been an amazing scheduling fuck-up, the next performer was tony bennett. i can only imagine the hissy fit that conick must have thrown backstage. bennett came out & made connick look like the little boy he was & still is. from his swing to his phrasing to his range, bennett put on a little clinic. we were all schooled.

("I love that park. I always dreamed of having a place that would catch the afternoon light, so I could paint that park over and over." (The artist, quoted in Sullivan, Tony Bennett in the Studio: A life of Art & Music, 2007, excerpted in "Tony Bennett: The Musician and the Artist,", September 24, 2007))

unlike sinatra, bennett pretty much has his chops this late in the game. furthermore, as opposed to the pig sinatra was as a man, bennett oozes class & intelligence. he's 83yo today & still performing(he was on elvis costello's show last year). let's hope he continues w/many more b'days & performances.

sorry about the before & after imus but bennett swings this song & negotiates all the chordal modulations w/ease.

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