Wednesday, August 26, 2009


forget woodstock & the moon landing. forget manson & altamont. what truly represented the 60s decade in america was the kennedy brothers. they embodied the true flowering of the liberal principals this country was founded on. it is impossible to think of any significant social change that came out of the 60s & not think about them.

in america, there are several hundred families whose wealth is beyond most common folk's comprehension. they are mostly unknown to the rest of us. their main goal in life is to make sure the flow of capital goes mostly to them & they're really good at it. they've been doing it w/o most folk's knowledge for two centuries in this country.

the kennedy's could easily have been a part of that. the path joseph kennedy put his sons on led america to a new realization of its existence. it also led to three of his four sons dying violently in their efforts to serve their country. no matter what anyone might say, these rich kids did the right thing. that simply can't be said about most of those faceless millionaires i referred to above, whose only real principals are filthy lucre.

ted kennedy spent his entire adult life in public service. his record as someone dedicated to liberal principals is long & will endure. he didn't have to do what he did but he did it w/complete conviction. he & his brothers helped the america of the 60s become a better place simply by their example.

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