Thursday, August 27, 2009


another one of the marginal figures of our cultural history.
we made out, fucked, danced to these folks creations. i don't think i ever stopped to check out who was responsible for some of the best moments of my life but here's one of them. i'm sure there's a history of the brill building songwriters out somewhere but i had no idea there were songwriting married couples in the mix(well, ok...carol king & her hubby).

anyway, enjoy her performance here & then enjoy the beach boys w/carl taking the lead for the first time w/the group. i know it'll be hard but try to ignore mike love's antics.


Blue Train said...

Funny isn't it - many from our era dismissed the Brill Building composers as "formulaic" or "hackneyed." A position bred in honest rebellion perhaps - but widely misguided. If this music was "formulaic" - well, what a formula!


bataille2 said...

well, you know, philip & i were die hard neil diamond fans up until the shockingly weird & bad jonathan living seagull thing. & we all loved carole king's tapestry. i think it had to do w/a willful ignorance on our part: not really doing our research & finding out who actually wrote the songs. i mean, we knew that holland/dozier/holland were responsible for so much of mo-town music but i had no idea about dan penn's contribution to "soul" music back then. so many of these guys are just whispered rumors like jim dickinson. ken, can you even IMAGINE being someone who played on the "wild horses" sessions in muscle shoals? what's amazing is that most of these (now)classics are less than 3minutes long.
listening to "i can hear music" i just have to agree w/you: if this was formulaic, what a formula!