Thursday, August 27, 2009


i'm thinking that i can only get a weekend like this one in california. i may be wrong but i suspect it's true.

it's a long story & one that i'll write about soon but the head of the nyingma school of tibetan buddhism died this year. his name was penor rinpoche & ann & i had the great honor of receiving his blessing when we were in bodhgaya india several years ago. there are four major schools of tibetan buddhism & each has it's own leader(& yes, the dalai lama is the head of the gelupa school)& each leader is equal in importance to the others. when penor rinpoche died this year, he'd already recognized & named his successor: karma kuchen rinpoche.

since the nyingma school isn't really involved w/politics, this recognition wasn't disputed by the chinese government. when the dali lama dies, the dustup will be a major deal, something like what happened when the chinese simply "disappeared" the recognized successor of the panchen lama(the second highest ranking lama in the gelupa school).

anyway, this weekend, karma kuchen rinpoche will be out on our little island at the orgyen dorje den giving several ritual blessings on saturday & sunday.

of course, after the blessings, i'll be heading over to the eat real festival at jack london square.
mainly, what's interesting to me is that they'll have a bunch of "food cart" & "foodbus" vendors. i came an inch from buying one of these trucks back when i had some money to do what is now making so much news in various cities around the country(portland is really hopping). i guess i missed the bus(so to speak)on that one.

hey mark, how would this fly in new orleans??? could you even do it there?

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