Thursday, August 13, 2009


steve mutter had a les paul guitar during the galatea years on p'beach. we'd met him & barry(they performed as a duo) when they played down at lily marlene's(former site of p'cola printing)& he moved in w/a house load of us when they got the galetea gig. what a house load! jack pyle, mike johnson, philip, lynn, mutter & me.

mutter could sure play that guitar. he loved music & his enjoyment was always evident even when he was on stage. he was kind of a strange bird but a genuinely nice guy. he hooked up w/X, a notoriously loud sex partner, & when he told philip about it, philip said, "o yeah, she's like that w/everybody." mutter was crushed. philip tried to backtrack("but it sounds like she was louder w/you...") but the damage was done. mutter was around w/his les paul for a couple of years & then he just disappeared. i think he was from somewhere in the midwest.

les paul is one of those guys on the margins of music history who actually contributed more to it than many at the center of it. by being on the margins, i simply mean being well known. he was known well enough by everyone that matters & his innovations will be w/us for years to come.

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