Friday, July 10, 2009

carl orff b july 10 1895

i've never liked opera & always felt like most of the opera lovers out there were poseurs. it always seemed the opera going was more a social event & less an aesthetic one. furthermore, i just never cared for the spectacle of opera. it seemed to undermine the music(which i always suspected was inferior). anyway, mike used to throw my very openly stated position on opera in my face as THE example of my close-mindedness about music. mike, who couldn't articulate the difference between beethoven & bach if they walked up & bit him on the ass. whatever.

his smirkiness never bothered me because i knew that i actually liked classical choral music & had since the first time i heard orff's carmina burana back in philip's cave way back when. i believe nonesuch put out an american composer's choral works box set that matched up w/their big box sets of contemporary composers. from ives to lukas foss, they all had something in that set.

for orff, it's unfortunate that the nazi's liked him so much(& now, lately the national republican party too)& that he accepted their largesse. an artist can't pick who'll embrace him but he can damn sure reject the embrace. it's somewhat uncanny that the republicans have taken to using "o fortuna" as a theme song for their attacks on obama.

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