Sunday, July 12, 2009


published in 1974, creeley's 30 things was a small book he wrote about his time spent living in the small village of bolinas. it was a collaboration w/his wife, whose black & white blurred monoprints reflected the blurred images of experience & our memories of it. that process, experience & memory, produces the things of our lives, the stuff we cling to or discard. it becomes the process of production. here are five of creeley's things.

The Temper

The temper is fragile
as apparently it wants to be,
wind on the ocean, trees
moving in wind and rain.


As You Come

As you come down
the road, it swings
slowly left and the sea
opens below you,
west. It sounds out.


As We Sit

There is a long
stretch of sky
before us. The road

goes out to the channel
of the water. Birds
fly in the faintly

white sky. A sound
shuffles over
and over, shifting

sand and
water. A wind
blows steadily

as we sit.



Faded mind,
fading colors,
old, dear clothes.

the ocean under
the road's edge,
down the side
of the hill.


Up on the top the
space goes further than
the eye can see. We're
up here, calling
over the hill.

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