Thursday, July 23, 2009

"in the next life you get justice, in this life you get the law..."

of course, no one has the guts to call this thing like it is. i've been saying this for months: nearly 50% of the folks who voted against obama were the crazed loony racists i knew back in p'cola way back when. while the crazy "birthers" go on a thinly veiled racist attack on the president of the united states & middle of the road tv networks like cnn(w/the execrable lou dobbs leading the way)broadcast it like it was somehow JOURNALISM, the venerable henry louis gates is manhandled & humiliated by police in his own home.
let's get this straight: until gates provided the officer w/proof of who he was, the officer was acting the way police should. no doubt about that. however, once the officer established that this guy was legit AND a professor at the internationally renowned university of HIS FUCKING LITTLE CITY that he's supposed to protect, he should have backed off. period. end of story.

i've lived in college towns all my life: sarasota, gainesville, charlottesville, berkeley. hell, i could include p'cola too. these are all small towns that DEPEND on their colleges for their existence. if the local cops didn't know everyone on the faculty of resident colleges, they damned well sure knew what that college meant to their cities & what harassing one of their tenured professors might mean. i'm NOT saying that catching a college prof doing something illegal should be ignored or swept under the carpet. that's not what we're dealing w/here. i'm saying that a cop, realizing that a mistake had been made & it was made in regards to an upstanding & famous member of the community, should have had better sense than pursue an arrest in these circumstances. i don't doubt dr gates said lots of abusive things to the arresting officer. i DO know that a black man uttering those things to a white police officer, regardless of who he is or his standing in the community, is unacceptable to white police officers. period. end of story.

i've been arrested several times in my life. once, in santa cruz, i was picked up for crawling down mainstreet at 3am. i'd been drinking & my friends had, one after another, abandoned me to life on the streets(since i had no idea where we were staying). i tried to explain this to the arresting officers. being handcuffed is being emasculated, i will say that, at least physically. handcuffed, you still got your mouth. i questioned the officers cock size & sexual endurance. i questioned whether they'd even HAD any pussy in months. later, i found out that santa cruz police officers had gotten into a bit of trouble beating transients to within an inch of their lives to keep them out of their fair city. i came to in the drunk tank there in santa cruz, sharing a bench w/another man. wrists bruised, i hadn't been manhandled tho i'd truly pissed those guys off. trust me. i hit a nerve w/the premature ejaculation thing. i was lucky to be alive. i was white. i don't think a black man would have fared so well.

electing a black man president did nothing but deepen the entrenchment of racists all over this country. these folks truly believe this is a WHITE country, founded by white men & built & defended by white men from the beginning till now. these are crazies & they exist everywhere, north/south, east/west. that craziness spills over into the general consciousness & results in police not thinking but instinctively acting when a black man refuses to be put down.

as the gates affair has proven, our country, my country, still has a long way to go.

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