Monday, July 27, 2009


i've already written about eggleston. here is a link that does a lot more than i can do here.

eggleston is an artist who hasn't fuzzed things up w/aesthetics or creeds. he's no outsider or primitive artist either. this is direct art. it seeks to capture the moment of cognition & then pass on to the next. it's a doomed project but beautiful nevertheless. it's also great art.

"The small towns of the Mississippi Delta have yielded many of Eggleston’s most memorable images. Eggleston photographed the area’s familiar sights and ordinary activities: supermarkets, sidewalks, cars, dinner tables, gas stations, bars and their habitués. However, his commonplace subjects are pictured from unexpected points of view and illuminated by a brilliant variety of vernacular color. For Eggleston, everything in front of the camera was basically worthy of a picture, even if it appeared trivial or banal. He declares his intentions succinctly: "I am at war with the obvious."

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