Friday, July 24, 2009

here inside where i hide with my loneliness


these guys weren't the louvin brothers or the everly brothers & i can't say they can even match the bodeans or john doe & exene but they were one of my favorites from way back when. their vocal harmonies were comforting. bill thornton was a vigilant believer in the american sound & championed the association & the four seasons(bill wasn't much into the black thing back then)when we were pre-adolescent adolescents. bill profoundly rejected the "british invasion." i think he liked this song though. it was pushed under the radar & no one paid attention to the fact that "the beatles" had written it. it was a hit. in fact, it was written by mccartney, who was dating one of asher's sisters at the time. he gave them several other songs to do to see how songs written by him alone(as opposed to the lennon-mccartney tag-line)would do w/the public. forget yoko & linda, the beatles were already falling apart as they coalesced in the public mind.

they had another hit, i go to pieces, that was written by the great del shannon.

peter asher went on to produce lots of big albums in the 70s & 80s. he took the idea of vocal harmony to another level. i will say that gordon's weller tenor is what makes the whole thing work, just like ira louvin. i remember when philip would do the tenor & what it meant to him & jack's act or even us playing together for fun. that's the hard line to take. gordon weller makes it look easy.

i hope i'm not the only one who sees john lennon's profile in gordon weller's. it seems uncanny to me.

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