Sunday, July 26, 2009

full of fire & forgetful

i loved this film. i love townes van zandt. i started doing his songs before new college thanks to emmylou harris' covering them on various albums.

what i love about this scene is joe ely's story about picking townes up hitchhiking. he took townes' first album back to what would become the other members of the flatlanders, jimmy dale gilmore & butch hancock. all three have since made names for themselves as the legendary group & as solo artists. they had no idea who this guy was but his music cut through that & moved them in an obviously significant way. this is the kind of story that creates & sustains myth. that & him losing a whole page of song lyrics.

this film can be gotten through netflix.

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Blue Train said...

Danny, this is indeed a great film. My intro to TVZ was in the 70's as well - my guitar teacher in Columbia was a friend of his (in fact spent the summers in Colorado with him). He was an amazing talent.