Saturday, July 25, 2009

don't confront me with my failures, i had not forgotten them

i found this on youtube & it says this is st.vincent(aka annie clark) doing a nico cover. i was amused. of course, nico covered jackson browne & now this young lady is too tho she's doing more nico than browne here(w/a lot of different lyrics too). i might be wrong but this may be the first of jackson browne's songs recorded way back when(1967) by nico on her first solo album, chelsea girl. it finally appeared on browne's second solo album(1973), for everyman, w/a dedication to duane allman who had died in 1971. there's a lot of death associated w/this song in my mind(nico died in '88, just days shy of her 50th birthday).

this has always been one of my favorite browne songs. browne's version(he wrote the damn thing when he was 16yo) is more powerful, nearly angry(i'm talking about david lindley's jawdropping slide playing at the end of the song). here, the resignation of failure pretty much carries the day. i think annie does just fine w/it.

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