Monday, July 6, 2009

robert mcnamara d. july 6th 2009

anyone who watched errol morris' fog of war knows we should never expect cheney or ashcroft or rumsfeld to own up to the tragedy of their involvement in the bush administration. seeing mcnamara rationalize & obfuscate & simply avoid his singular contribution to one of america's worst moments in foreign affairs was depressing &, at the same time, nearly exhilarating. it was depressing seeing this intelligent man try to avoid the judgment of history & exhilarating in seeing that judgment at work.

i don't have 50,000+ us deaths & over 300,000 wounded on my conscience but i can still sometimes squirm at night thinking about some of my own bad behavior. i can't imagine mcnamara ever had a good night's sleep. if he did, god help us all.

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