Friday, July 24, 2009

deeply superficial

they were having a film festival at uva in charlottesville. they'd had one the year before that was ok but this was the year they wanted make their mark & become a prime spot for what was becoming quite a prestigious & lucrative film fest circuit. that year they had the newly restored version of hitchcock's rear window & an unfinished work by mark rappaport on jean seberg. they had the great film & woman's studies theorist trahn ticht han showing one of her films. there was also a first time screening of a rare warhol film.

i went to all of the above & some worked & some didn't. mostly, technical problems & venue issues were the culprits. w/the warhol, the warhol expert who had been entrusted w/the rare film had been too academic & not very interesting in his opening remarks. he did stress the rare quality of the film. however, when the film caught in the projector & visibly burned, he became a quivering mass of hysteria. i beat a hasty retreat. seeing grown men cry isn't something i'm built for i guess. there wasn't a third annual c'ville film fest.

this trailer for the infamous "screen tests of andy warhol" is doubly interesting in that they've added music to the whole affair & for the amazing fact that you can see that within the factory was, momentarily, all the coolness & hipness & beauty & greed that became the undoing of the 60s generation. long before the craziness & drugs & disease & age ravaged them, we see nico & lou & gerard & baby jane & hopper & edie & billy name looking for their 15minutes. some got it & others just faded away.

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