Tuesday, July 28, 2009


"The principles I follow are based on the element of repetition. This reminds you a bit of nature because nature often works in patterns. It's not a principle that's strange. There is a certain exemplarity taken out of the nature that goes into architectural structures. In architecture you are very much involved in the pragmatic sense of solving problems from a functional point of view, more than anything else. If people give buildings a certain value or a signification that goes beyond that it's good. And many times people surprise me with their interpretations. It was never my will to deliver fixed ideas into the minds of the people."

there are the sculptural aspects & the gothic ones. since he's spanish, it's hard not to think of gaudi. unlike gehry, his buildings aren't swaddled in seemingly undulating material but present themselves in lines & arcs, propulsive energy & serene stasis. if architecture works to make space visible while dealing w/heaviness, calatrava works in the space between the ground & the sky while denying the presence of neither.

calatrava is an engineer as well as an artist & architect. his buildings tend to be more fundamentally sound then some other architects who design w/o the benefit of a scientific background. this last structure is up in redding california.

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