Saturday, July 4, 2009

"make me do right, make me do wrong..."

"Sarah wanted everyone to know that she’s not having fun and people are being mean to her and she doesn’t feel like finishing her first term as governor." maureen dowd

i think this is really simple. this person isn't capable of anything complex. she's representing the smallest percentage of what's left of the republican base. she's the proverbial snowball. history has shown over & over that whoever becomes the front runner this early out won't even be standing come convention time. just ask rudy about that.

the great numbers crunching site,, had an article yesterday about palin & why she incites such hatred. i was in complete agreement since it pretty much went along w/what i'd been saying about the republican party these last few months: palin reminds everyone of bush, the denseness, the crassness, the incompetency. they speculate that there are maybe three possibilities for her resignation:

"There seem to be three* basic theories to explain why Sarah Palin decided to quit:

1. She's simply burned out;
2. There's some kind of "other shoe dropping";
3. She's so crazy she thinks this could actually help her for 2012, 2016, etc."

before i'd read the piece, my first thought was #2. greed & craziness don't burn out, they can take a lickin' & keep on tickin'. i don't think it would be some big scandal(say, that trig really WAS her daughter's child)that would constitute the "other shoe dropping." i think it could simply be her failure to "govern" the state she was elected to govern. since a governorship is mostly nuts & bolts, failure to perform is much easier to demonstrate.

it's hard to imagine any political operative seriously thinking her resignation would help her come 2012/2016. sure, she'll make some cash & maybe even a few more contacts but that's about it. maybe she'll get a gig like huckabee & be ever present on the fox network. that's ok too. i think she has less of a chance of turning even that into an advantage, unlike huckabee. the more the electorate sees this snide, winking loon, the more they'll start looking elsewhere for leadership. i think the country has gotten pretty tired of the ignorance that she now represents. campaigning w/o any real solutions to the problems the country faces & relying solely on emotional social issues was karl rove's strategy way back when & it worked then. barely. it didn't work in '08. i don't think it will for palin in 2012. that ship has sailed.

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