Thursday, June 4, 2009


you'd think by the way san francisco sports hacks are carrying on that randy johnson would bleed orange & black if you cut him. if you didn't know any better, the big unit has been a lifelong giant & all his accomplishments are, therefore, claimable for the giant fans. yes, he is w/the giants this year & yes, he did accomplish what only 24 other pitchers(only six left-handers)have accomplished but he ain't no giant. he won't be here next year, tho it might be hard for him to tear himself away from the awful suck-ups that make up a large part of the bay area sports enthusiasts. it won't be a giants uniform he wears into the hall of fame.

i'm glad that he got the 300th win out of the way relatively early in the season & that we didn't see him limp pathetically to it. he actually is pitching like he might win 15 games & that would be a great thing to see. this guy has pretty much done it his way(grumpy & assholish & surly)& when he was good, he was really really good. i still remember the world series when he was w/arizona & his herculean effort there. & tho he's learned to be more of a gentleman later in his career & can't bring himself to say it, i'll say it for him: FUCK YOU, NEW YORK YANKEES, YOU DON'T KNOW HOW GOOD YOU HAD IT! 17 FUCKING WINS A SEASON & I GET BOOED? FUCK YOU!

there's a good chance no one will do this again. no one w/any years left IN them is close to getting to 300 & w/the way the game is being played now(pitch counts, five man rotations) will make it impossible for the younger guys.

so thank you mr. johnson. you pitched well today & deserved the win & we got to see baseball history made. that's a pretty good day at the park if i do say so.

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