Thursday, June 11, 2009

when you think like a hermit, you forget what you know

here are two of my favorite performers doing an old will oldham song from viva last blues, one of his best from the old period. for the record & to make things clear, palace & bonnie 'prince' billy are the alter-egos of will oldham. it's followed here by mark kozelek's version which is even more beautiful than oldham's(primarily because of kozelek's beautiful falsetto voice). kozelek is from sf & has a long history out here w/the red house painters & then solo & then as sun kil moon. ann & i saw him a year or so ago over in the city. hypnotically beautiful, tho w/o a band it did get a tad monotonous.

nothing monotonous about this version of a terrific song. btw, i couldn't find a clip of him live that did him justice. sorry.


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