Tuesday, June 16, 2009

the work is mostly void of people

this guy's work is delirious w/color. the pictures are saturated w/it(much like eggleston) & yet, the nearly confectionary nature of the colors can't distract from the sense of forlorn space each picture seems to capture. nothing is arbitrary here. the frame is not crowded nor does it appear to be randomly constructed as in eggleston's work.

what's striking is that despite banishing the human figure from this world, the sense of the human, a kind of dumb presence, is overwelming. it's not just that remnants or abandoned products operate as indexical guides to intimate human being but the actual care viewed in the compositions also points to the structuring perspective of being in the world. the carefully constructed emptiness in fact directs us to the full range of human activity.

"my work studies the urban landscape & is more about feeling & mood than about decisive moments."
reduced to a kind of static "there-ness," the space of each frame feels like a one pointed meditative moment, where consciousness is focused but relaxed & the impulse to narrative is ultimately arrested. w/o the hint of action, being there becomes a moment to moment experience, point of view opens to larger spaces, the need to decide what goes where is negated.

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