Thursday, June 4, 2009

DAVID BROMIGE October 22, 1933 - June 3, 2009

The sky at night at
Solstice, no different
To my eye than ten
Years ago this date,
Filled then with the resolve
To see it through,
This composition
That shows me how
Myself has altered,

An old man’s feet
To walk on, an aging
Face the major key
To what’s not changed,
Although beside me sits
A daughter nearly grown,
And next to her, a man
Recalling all he didn’t
Find time or shape for,
All he gave up for this,
Pebbles in the pitcher
Till the brim is reached

hear him read his poetry here.

"Poet, writer, reviewer, actor, farmer, explorer, cartographer, storyteller, illustrator, piano player, driver, swimmer, traveler, brother, uncle, father, grandfather, husband, friend, mentor, inspiration are some of the roles David played in his 75 years."

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