Wednesday, June 3, 2009

hey, i got some spatchcock for you...

pretty bird, pretty bird.

the proper accompaniments: miso glazed grilled corn on the cob & grilled ciabatta.

smoky bird, smoky bird.

bronzed & ready to carve

ann doesn't like to eat corn off the cob so i remove it for her.

i think judy rodger's cookbook, zuni cafe cookbook, is one of the best all round cookbooks ever written. i think judy rodgers zuni cafe is a great restaurant. i've always considered their roast chicken w/salad & croutons to be a stroke of culinary genius simplicity. i've done many variations on their theme over the past few years but the "leaping frog" grilled one is my favorite so far. cutting the bird this way allowed more surface to be exposed to the smoke & heat from the grill & made for a deeply flavored, succulent bird. the skin was like delicate papyrus. if there's a grill heaven, we were somewhere near it yesterday.

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