Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I'm The Wolf (1954)

You know I'm the Wolf baby, you know I stays in the woods
You know I'm the Wolf babe, you know I stays in the woods.
Well when you get in trouble, you call the wolf out of the woods.

what i remember about hearing howling wolf for the first time isn't where i was or who was playing it for me or any of those kinds of things. what i remember is the raw power of wolf's voice. i'd heard other blues shouters(big joe turner, wynonie harris, roy brown) but no one came close to the intensity of wolf. i was hooked immediately.

this didn't really happen for me w/most of the blues "masters." by the time i'd heard muddy waters, his sound & songs had pretty much been coopted by other (mostly white)artists. i understood intellectually that this was the guy who'd amplified the delta blues but i didn't feel it. at least, i didn't feel it like i felt what howling wolf was dishing out.

"spoonful" still gives me chills.

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