Monday, June 8, 2009


after my chicken fried steak at the pine cone dinner in point reyes station, i decided to try my hand at the old standard. mainly, i'd objected to the pine cone's use of actual bread crumbs in the coating. as i recollected(& i was right), you coat your cube steak w/the same thing you'd use on chicken when you're frying it. i went w/seasoned flour & a buttermilk/egg wash: dip in flour, dip in wash, dip back in flour, & drop into hot oil. this was after beating the meat between pieces of plastic wrap until it was as thin as a dime.
since i like ann & don't want to see her have a heart attack, i also decided to lighten the traditional accompaniments. instead of creamy mashed potatoes, she got some small yukon golds i'd bought at the berkeley farmers market & grilled. instead of sausage cream gravy, she got a salad of mache & arugula w/breakfast radishes & japanese cucumbers w/strega nona dressing.
chicken fried steak done the light fresh california way! ann still needed to rest after eating but i didn't have to call the emt's.

my dinner was simpler: pasta w/fresh porcini mushrooms & arugula. this will be ann's lunch tomorrow.

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