Tuesday, June 23, 2009

gee's bend ageless modern art

i seem to remember holly doing an independent study project on this kind of thing when she was at st. andrews college in laurinburg north carolina. this site is devoted to various aspects of the art making. beyond anthropological considerations & the painstaking craftsmanship, these are beautiful & carefully composed colors. i see malevich & mondrian &, unsurprisingly, african art here.

oddly enough, gee's bend alabama is also known as boykin alabama. boykin was bobo's middle name that i tried to keep from everyone(i have really no idea why)& that was ultimately found out by mike through his nefarious connections at the escambia health dept. gee's bend, aka boykin, is an african-american community in mid-lower southern alabama. gee, i wonder if i sensed there might be some tar in the woodpile? god knows, the jones family had it's little secrets.

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