Friday, June 26, 2009

a real & pure product of america

i really have little to say about jackson's death. he hasn't done anything interesting since his biggest selling(tho not best)album, thriller, 25 years ago. the last fifteen years have been filled w/true weirdness & scandal. i think the music stopped when quincy jones jumped ship.

i do know that the soundtrack for much of the great sex i had w/marie was either marvin gaye or off the wall(his best) by michael. i know that i was at marie's the night of the motown anniversary show when marvin gaye did a solo at the piano & we were thrilled to our core & then the jackson's came out & did "heartbreak hotel"(their last great song together)& after the family left the stage, michael introduced the world to "billie jean" & the moonwalk. to say we were slackjawed in disbelief & wonder that night is slightly understating what, i think, most people who saw the same thing felt.

i don't think anyone who's paid any attention the last 15 years has thought to themselves, "wow, i wish i were michael." there may have been a time when someone did but trying to imagine being in his head the last 15 years is a sad & awful exercise. the good dr williams wrote michael's prognosis years before he was born: "the pure products of america/go crazy."

michael, where ever you are, peace be with you.

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