Friday, June 5, 2009

like a new disease, she's still too young to treat...

i caught this first song on "abbey road live" a year ago. i'd heard the song on satillite radio & already had it on my ipod but seeing these two work together & the sound they create was mesmerizing. well, ok. SHE'S mesmerizing. i was smitten by her(lisa hannigan) & her hippy dress & rich voice & intense but still innocent manner. she'd already left rice's band when this aired. i think there was some soap opera involved but other than the two of them, who should care? she's on her own now(surrounded by lots of talented musicians)& has an album out sea sew which is quite good.

dylan's been part of the great american song book for a while now but i never get tired of hearing new versions & approaches to his music. in his latest manifestation as a roadhouse troubador, the songs & the band sound just like something you'd hear walking down frenchman in the marigny in new orleans. or, maybe, in a irish pub in dingle. the lyrics of "just like tom thumb's blues" pretty much inhabit those kinds of places & hannigan's voice gives them just enough "quiet desperation" & resignation to shine some new light on the old classic.

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