Tuesday, June 2, 2009

intimate spatchcocking variations

i been spatchcocking lots lately. i mean, why the hell not? i've got lots of time on my hand & who, honestly, wouldn't spatchcock if they had the time? it just kind of goes w/the encroaching summertime, i guess. it's deeply satisfying.

this method of cutting up your chicken is great on the grill & works for oven roasting too. it's true, it eliminates the cavity for flavor enhancing stuffing but you can just do that by sliding herbs, butter, & spices up under the skin of the bird.

the june issue of gourmet magazine has an even cooler way to make your whole chicken grill worthy. it's a method they got from the terrific latin food expert, maricel presilla. it's called "flying frog" chicken & it's this summer's hippest way to go.

what this saves you in relation to the original spatchcocking method is time, ease, & the chicken's backbone. it increases the area on the chicken that will be directly exposed to the grill's heat. it also looks pretty cool too. i'll include some finished pics soon.

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