Tuesday, June 30, 2009

pushing too hard

in the hysterical, obsessive compulsive reporting on michael jackson's death last week & over the weekend, it certainly felt like the earth had stopped turning & that nothing of any higher consequence could occur while the news folks ruminated over every conceivable detail. major news stories were simply buried beneath the weight of all the "mourning." that a few deaths of lesser consequence were missed is no big surprise, i guess, but that doesn't make it any less a shame.

tim krekel & sky saxon, both songwriters, died last week. krekel was jimmy buffet's lead guitar player way back when & an impressive songwriter in his own right. his voice works up in the nasally higher range that buffet's does & i can't help but wonder that if fate had worked its magic differently, krekel might have had all those parrot-head fans & not buffet. several others had decent hits w/krekel's songs.

sky saxon was the driving force behind "the seeds." i remember this song from the radio & papa don but then it showed back up, years later, on the first volume of rhino record's "nuggets" series. amazingly, they were still recording & still sounding very much of the 60s.

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